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Upper Mustang Trekking

Join our 17 days Upper Mustang trek which offers a fantastic trekking into the remote Trans-Himalayan mountain region with Tibetan influence society. The high forsake district of the Tibetan impact, Kaligandaki, from the Tibetan border south to Kagbeni is by and large alluded to as Upper Mustang. Explore the thousand years of old religious community, cave, tribes and picturesque marvels of the distinctive scenes. Make an Adventure beginning from world's most profound chasm Kaligandaki Region into world's most astounding districts of Lo-Mangthang Valley that goes through a just about tree-less fruitless scene, a precarious rough trail here and there slope and all encompassing perspectives of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and a few different tops. The trek goes through high crests, passes, icy masses, and snow capped valleys. The thousands years of segregation has kept the way of life, way of life and legacy stay unaltered for quite a long time and to this date. The houses in Mustang are for the most part produced using stone and sun prepared mud blocks. The city divider and the four story royal residence in Lo-Manthang are a percentage of the excellent architectures of Mustang area. Another fascination in the Mustang district is the Tiji Festival affected by Tibetan Buddhism, which is timed to concur with the end of the dry season (late winter/spring). The Mustagi individuals have their own particular manner of family life, which is entirely amazing for some pariahs. Every one of the siblings in the family are hitched to a solitary young lady, what you may call a routine of polyandry. 

The Transhimalayan Mustang Region is otherwise called the Last Forbidden Kingdom, since the locale was limited for untouchables until Nepal Government declared the opening of the confined territories in October 1991. The Mustangis or the general population of Mustang call themselves Lobas, and they have their own King or Tribe-pioneer, Jigme Palbar Bista. After Nepal was pronounced a republic in 2007, the Nepal Government took back the official acknowledgment of the Bista as the Mustangi King. Be that as it may, the general population there still regard him as their King or tribe-pioneer. Bista likewise gives gathering of people the guest upon solicitation. There is additionally strict control in acquiring an extraordinary grant from the division of movement to shield their convention from outside impact and additionally to secure their surroundings. The Upper Mustang trek begins from Jomsom to Kagbeni, the section purpose of upper Mustang Region. Take after the banks of Kaligandaki River upstream to get to Lo-Mangthang, the capital of the upper Mustang. 

Our 17 days tea house/lodge Upper Mustang trek is an awesome adventure trek for the individuals who wish to make a testing trek along "out of the way" in the Trans-Himalayan Region. On the off chance that you are keen on making much more bold trek in remotest parts, we prescribe you to attempt our Upper Dolpo and She Gompa Trek - 28 days.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal: It's not simply mountain dwellers with their souls set on vanquishing Everest who begin to look all starry eyed at the Himalayan nation of Nepal. With dazzling view, bordered by the most noteworthy tops on the planet, driving down to hot wilderness pressed with natural life, there's something for everybody. From contemplation to trekking you will without a doubt discover something that you'll adore. The vivid society and agreeable individuals got a terrible press as of late with a nation wide Maoist disobedience which saw vacationer figures drop drastically. Then again, the political circumstance has settled, Nepal is back on track to charm guests with a warm, generous welcome.

Nepal is plentifully supplied with sublime landscape – verdant terraced valleys, surging streams and ice-blue lakes that start in the 'home snows', or Himalayas. The inspiring sight of taking off mountains is a magnet for mountain dwellers and trekkers, offering a percentage of the best difficulties and most grand strolling opportunities on earth. Its assorted landscape offers enormous open doors for audacious exercises, and despite the fact that mountain climbing and trekking are the most famous, there is additionally great white-water rafting on steep mountain streams, and elephant-back safaris or tiger following in the Chitwan and Bardia National Parks arranged inside of the wildernesses of the southern Tarai belt.

Nepal has numerous attractions, however the nation's quintessence is its grinning, benevolent individuals with their ardent palm-squeezed welcome, and together with its rousing view, this flabbergasting kingdom is a spot where one visit is generally insufficient to fulfill the dazzled voyager. Nepal is covered in myths and legends, and in addition being home to the most elevated mountains on earth and fantastic view, the nation has a to a great degree rich social legacy. Circumscribed by India and China, this little free Hindu Kingdom has kept up its own sway and personality, yet has an extensive variety of diverse ethnic gatherings with distinctive horticulture and ways of life. One of a kind and innovative agendas for Nepal visit our visit organization give you the one of a kind Nepal visit bundle. Dissimilar to other visit administrators who offer Nepal visits with the same old tired topics and canned presentations, we offer remarkable and new viewpoints that are composed because of today's extravagance voyager. Perused the handouts and/or sites of a couple of other visit organizations. Watch how their Nepal Tours all solid the same. At that point read a depiction of maybe a couple of our visits in Nepal. You will see the distinction right from the begin. All our Nepal visits are magnificent qualities. Extravagant Level voyages through Nepal surpass the best our opposition brings to the table. They are impeccably arranged and offer a definitive in administration, cabin and feasting. We incorporate an individual visit facilitator for every room (or family) reservation. As usual, your installments and stores are secured with Easy Tours, and are refundable according to the settled upon buy terms of your custom Nepal visit. Our Cultural visits are intended to assist you with adapting more about these distinctive people groups, lifestyles, and religions in Nepal, while as yet getting a charge out of the landscape, untamed life and exercises accessible.

Section Requirements for Tours in Nepal. Vacationer visas can be issued on entry. A 60-day visa costs US$30 and a 150-day/various passage visa costs US$80. – For Australians – Australians must have a substantial international ID and visa. Traveler visas can be acquired on landing for a stay of 60 days at an expense of U$30, or for a most extreme of 150 days, various passage, at an expense of U$80. – New Zealand residents must have a substantial identification and visa. Vacationer visas can be gotten on landing for a stay of 60 days at an expense of U$30, or for a greatest of 150 days, numerous passage, at an expense of U$80. – United States subjects must have a legitimate international ID and visa. Visitor visas can be gotten on landing for a stay of 60 days at an expense of U$30, or for a greatest of 150 days, numerous section, at an expense of U$80. – United States residents must have a substantial travel permit and visa. Vacationer visas can be gotten on landing for a stay of 60 days at an expense of U$30, or for a most extreme of 150 days, numerous section, at an expense of U$80. – British natives must have a substantial travel permit and visa. Vacationer visas can be acquired on landing for a stay of 60 days at an expense of U$30, or for a most extreme of 150 days, different section, at an expense of U$80.

Currency of Nepal: The official money is Nepali Rupee (NPR), which is separated into 100 paisa. As change can be an issue it is suggested that guests have a supply of little notes helpful. Traveler cheques are frequently cited in US Dollars and it is prudent to convey new dollar bank notes in shifted categories. Both Euro and US dollar explorers checks are broadly acknowledged in traveler zones and can be traded effectively out most banks and significant lodgings all through the nation. There are ATMs in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Visa, MasterCard and American Express charge card handling are acknowledged in numerous visitor lodgings, shops, eateries and travel organizations yet you may keep running into so Flagship Merchant Services relying upon the spot. Banks and cash changers are available in all visitor places and in the real urban communities; all receipts from remote trade exchanges ought to be kept so rupees can be traded once more into outside monetary standards on takeoff. Money is required 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Upper Mustang Trekking

Duration: 17 Days
Activity: Trekking and Hiking
Secondary Activity: Cultural and Historical Tours.
Maximum Altitude: 3810 Meters.
Country: Nepal.
Transportation: Private Vehicle and Aeroplane.
Arrival on: Kathmandu.
Departure from: Kathmandu.
Group size: 2 - 15.
Trip Grade: Moderate .
Meals: Breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara and all meal in trekking.
Accommodation: Three star Hotels and Tea houses.

Join our 17 days Upper Mustang trekking which offers the spectacular trekking into the remote trans-Himalayan mountain areas. Upper Mustang trekking is famous by Tibetan influence Culture, tradition, ancient cave, incredible landscape and many more. Explore the thousands years old of monasteries, cave, tribes and scenic beauties of landscape id one of the lifetime experience. Starting you journey from the world's deepest gorge Kaligandaki region into the world highest region of Lo-mangthang which passes through almost the treeless barren landscape. Nilgari, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and several other peaks are surrounding in our trail. Thousands years of isolation has kept the culture, lifestyle and heritage remain untouched for centuries and to this date. The unique architecture of houses are amazing in this regions where all the houses are made by stone and sun backed mud brick.

Tiji festival is another attraction of upper mustang which Is influence by Tibetan Buddhism. The people of the mustang have different life style then the outsiders. All the brother of a family they married one girl.

Mustang known as the forbidden kingdom, since the region was restricted for outsiders until 1991. After Nepal Government announced the opening of the restricted area then foreigner were allowed for travelling. Mustang there is still a king, he is the tribe-leader of the Mustang. Every people of the Mustang they respect the king.

For Upper Mustang you should have special trekking permits from the department of immigration. At least you have two member to obtain the permits. USD $ 500 each person is charged for the 10 days trekking. Now after the Earthquake of Nepal government is reducing the permit fees. Official report has not announced but for coming season it will reduce.

Note: If you are single and want to trek Upper Mustang please remember us we can join your permits and trek with Our group. We have group joining trip which is starting from 02 October 2015.

Itinerary Details

October 02/ Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu [1300 m ] O/N at Hotel with BB Plan.
October 03/ Day 02: Kathmandu: Sightseeing and Trek Preparation, O/N at Hotel with BB Plan.
October 04/ Day 03: Kathmandu to Pokhara [823m], 6 hrs drive, O/N at Hotel with BB Plan.
October 05/ Day 04: Fly to Jomsom & trek to Kagbeni [2,858m], 3-4 hrs walking, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 06/ Day 05: Kagbeni to chele [3050m]: 5-6 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 07/ Day 06: Chele to Syanbochen [3475 m]: 6-7 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 08/ Day 07: Syanbochen to Ghaymi [3520m], 5-6 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 09/ Day 08: Ghaymi to Charang [3500m], 4-5 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 10/ Day 09: Charang to Lo-Mangthang (3700m), 5-6 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 11/ Day 10: Explore Lo-Mangthang, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 12/ Day 11: Lo-Mangthang to Drakmar [3810 m], 6-7 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 13/ Day 12: Dhakmar to Ghiling [3806 m], 5-6 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 14/ Day 13: Ghiling to Chhuksang [3050 m], 5-6 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 15/ Day 14: Chhuksang to Muktinath [3800m], 6-7 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 16/ Day 15: Muktinath to Jomsom (2,713 m), 4/5 hrs, O/N at Guest House with BLD Plan.
October 17/ Day 16: Fly back to Pokhara. O/N at Hotel with BB Plan.
October 18/ Day 17: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu, O/N at Hotel with BB Plan.
October 19/ Day 18: Fly Home, Farewell Friend.


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Nepal Tour

Nepal, light of the Asia (Gautam Buddha), top of the world (Mt.Everest) and home to some of the cultures and religions that have shaped the philosophical outlook of the civilized world for the last thousand  years, Nepal is not only paradise for adventure but a scenic revelation and an educational in itself to all visitors.We have put our best effort to incorporate all cultural delights as well as natural beauty that Nepal has to offer, which you can choose depending on your time availability. Nepal Tour are designed for  people who are looking for a short and pleasurable trip that offers different highlights of Nepal. From the historical and cultural wonders to the natural wonder of the majestic Himalayan range, rich bio-diversity and the contrasting landscape of Nepal, these programs offer all the treasures of Nepal in a special way.
Nepal Tour Escape from the cacophony town, and explore the depth of your mind, and soul in the surroundings o f the Himalayas. Do a bit of trekking or hiking, and driving through the zigzag of hidden valley, enjoy the vistas of turquoise colored lakes and the magnificent mountains, Bungee jump over 160m deep river, historical cultural sightseeing tour, explore safari with adventure raft is our primary goal of all round tour. Global holidays adventure team arrange your home to home programs with all necessary documents, visa, tickets, permits, friendly staffs with affordable price.